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ET-1 [US Army]

The ET-1 or Economical Target-1 is a tactical ballistic missile representative threat that provides reduced target cost impact and higher fidelity, configurable threat representation to Operational Test and Evaluation Systems. This will allow for increases in the number of OT user training opportunities with added threat realism

ET-1 provides a lower cost target solution for more OT opportunities, it streamlines test operations and requires fewer resources than existing targets (e.g., Patriot-as-a-target) and provides a more threat representative target due to an all-metal casing and configurable nose section.

It is based on flight proven designs using commercial off the shelf fins and government furnished equipment motor, likely an Aerojet General M112 dual-thrust motor of the MIM-23B I-Hawk (Improved Hawk) missile, combined with specially tailored forebody and tail can sections, which allow variances in on-board instrumentation and radar cross-section signature. The body and motor are government furnished equipment, the nose and tail assembly was produced at Holloman Air Force Base.

Version Stage 1
ET-1 (Economical Target-1) M112
No:   TNr    Type                     Date             LS              Payload 

xxx     1    ET-1                     15.02.2012  *    EgS             (R&D)
Launch sites:

EgS = Eglin AFB, Santa Rosa Island, Florida, USA USA

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