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Al-Abid on the launch pad

Al-Abid on the launch pad (taken from iraqi TV transmission)

Iraq attempted to develop the Al-Abid space launcher and a MRBM based on Scud-technology. The first stage consisted of a cluster of five Al-Abbas (Scud-C). Another wider body rocket formed the second stage, with a third stage providing orbital injection. Only one test launch was conducted with the second and third stage being inert. This launch failed after only 45 seconds of flight. The MRBM version would have been called Al-Tamouz.

Version Stage 1 Stage 2 Stage 3
Al-Abid (1 stage) 5 × stretched R-17 / ? Dummy Dummy
Al-Abid 5 × stretched R-17 / ? wide-body R-17 / ? ?
No:             Type                    Date          LS        Payload

 1              Al-Abid (1 stage)       05.12.1989    AA   *F   (R/D)
Launch sites:

AA  = Al-Anbar base, Al-Anbar province, Iraq Iraq

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