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Al-Hussein / Al-Abbas (Scud)

Al Hussein

Al Abbas

Al Hussein was an improved Scud missile produced in Iraq. It was used in large quantities in both Gulf wars. It has a range of 600 km. Possibly some are still available.

Al Hiyarah was a version of the Al Hussein missile with special warheads - one version for poison gas and one with a concrete warhead (possibly against hardened targets like nuclear power plants). At least one of the last version has been launched against Israel in the second gulf war in 1992.

Al Abbas was a stretched version with a range of 750 km. It features a new three component fuel combination. Only one prototype had been launched in 1988. It was expected, that the Iraqi arsenal of Scud missiles ws around 20 before the third Gulf war.

Version Stage 1
Al Hussein (Scud-B) R-17 / ?
Al Hiyarah (Scud-B) R-17 / ?
Al Abbas (Scud-C) stretched R-17 / ?

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