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Simorgh (Safir-2)

Simorgh [IRNA]

Simorgh (Safir-2) is the second iranian space launcher. It might be related to the alleged Shahab-5 IRBM and the North Korean Unha launch vehicle.

Simorgh is two stage vehicle with a first stage of 2.5 m diameter with four engines of Safir-1 heritage. The main engines are fixed, while stearing is provided by four small vernier engines. Possibly the first stage shares tecchnology with the alleged Simorgh-5 balistic missile and is likely bases on the North Korean Unha rocket.

A liquid fueled second stage with four engines is probably based on an enlarged version of the Safir-1 second stage. Possibly also a small solid fuel third stage might be carried.

The 25 m high rocket has a capability to put 350 kg into a low earth orbit. It weights about 87 t on lift off.

The first flight is expected in 2015.

Version Stage 1 Stage 2
Simorgh (Safir-2A) Shahab-5 / 4 × ? Stage 2 (str.) / 4 × ?
Performance (kg) LEO LPEO SSO GTO GEO MolO IP
Simorgh (Safir-2A) 350 - - - - -
No:             Type                    Date          LS    Payload



 x              Simorgh                 xx.xx.201x    Sem   AUTSAT 1
 x              Simorgh                 xx.xx.201x    Sem   Toloo
 x              Simorgh                 xx.xx.201x    Sem   Zafar
 x              Simorgh                 xx.xx.201x    Sem   Mesbah 2
 x              Simorgh                 xx.xx.201x    Sem   Ya Mahdi

Launch sites:

Sem = Imam Khomeini Space Launch Center, Semnan province, Iran Iran

*  = suborbital