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Momo [IST]

Momo is a Japanese sounding rocket capable of delivering 20 kg to a height of 100 km. It is privately developed by Interstellar Technologies Inc. (IST).

The single stage Momo is powered by a pressure-fed engine fueled with ethanol and liquid oxygen. The engine is gimbaled for steering, with cold gas thrusters providing roll control. The rocket has a diameter of 0.502 m and a length of 9.9 m. The dry wight is 0.7 t and the lift of weight is 1.0 t.

The rocket is manufactured and launched at Taiki-cho, Hiroo-gun, Hokkaido.

The first rocket was launched on 30 July 2017, but the flight was terminated about 80 seconds after engine ignition.

Version Stage 1
Momo Momo
Nr  TypeNr  Vehicle     Serial      Date          LS        Suc    Payload  

 1     1    Momo        1           30.07.2017    Kai       *F     ?

Launch sites:

Kai:  Error Wrong ID