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Hwasong-12 MRBM

Hwasong-12 MRBM

The North Korean single stage Hwasong-12 is a liquid fueled IRBM of estimated 4500 km range.

The Hwasong-2 appears to be a stretched improved version of the Hwasong-10 IRBM and appears to be single staged.

The missile was first shown in the 2017 military parade and has conducted its maiden flight in May 2017 from a site near Kuosong, likely Panghyon Air Base, on a lofted short range trajectory of 787 km range and 2111 km apogee height, which hints to a maximum range of about 4500 km.

No:    TNo:     Type              Date             LS       Payload

 1      1       Hwasong-12        14.05.2017   *   Pan ?    R&D

Planned launches:

Launch sites:

Pan = Panghyon Air Base, Kusong County, North P’yŏngan Province, North Korea North Korea †

*  = suborbital