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WorldView 2, 3 (WV 2, 3)

WorldView 2 [DigitalGlobe]

WorldView 2 is an earth observation satellite operating at an altitude of 770 kilometers. WorldView 2 enables DigitalGlobe to offer half-meter panchromatic resolution and 1.8 meter multispectral resolution. The WorldView 2 system allows DigitalGlobe to substantially expand its imagery product offerings to both commercial and international customers with a more commercially desirable, higher performance product. Added spectral diversity provides the ability to perform precise change detection and mapping. WorldView 2 incorporates the industry standard four multispectral bands (red, blue, green and near-infrared) and also includes four new bands (coastal, yellow, red edge, and near-infrared).

The WorldView 2 telescope has a 110 cm aperture and flys at a higher altitude of 770 km. It provides the same panchromatic half-meter resolution imagery as WorldView 1, in addition to 1.8 meter multispectral resolution imagery.

In 19 July 2016, Worldview-2 was involved in a debris-causing event, but the satellite remained operational.

In August 2010 a mostly identical WolrdView 3 was ordered for launch in 2014. This satellite has an additional infra-red capability. From its lower orbit of 617 km, it has a ground resolution of 0.31 m.

Nation: USA
Type / Application: Earth observation
Operator: DigitalGlobe
Contractors: Ball Aerospace
Configuration: BCP-5000
Propulsion: ?
Power: 2 deployable solar arrays, batteries
Lifetime: 7.25 years
Mass: 2800 kg
Orbit: 765 km × 769 km, 98.58 (#2); 609 km × 612 km, 97.99 (#3)
Satellite COSPAR Date LS Launch Vehicle Remarks
WorldView 2 (WV 2) 2009-055A 08.10.2009 Va SLC-2W Delta-7920-10C
WorldView 3 (WV 3) 2014-048A 13.08.2014 Va SLC-3E Atlas-5(401)


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