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Vivid-i 1, 2, 3, 4, 5

Vivid-i 1 [Earth-i]

Earth-i's Vivid-i submetric full-color video/still earth observation constellation is being developed by SSTL. The constellation is to consist of 15 satellites.

The satellites are based on SSTL's Carbonite 2 (VividX2) prototype but will incorporate significant additional enhancements. They are able to capture 60 cm ground resolution still imagery or 1 m ground resolution full motion, full colour video from a 500 km orbit. The images have a 5.2 km × 5.2 km, fixed frame geometry and are 3 band true colour images.

This constellation will provide a number of innovative capabilities including:

  • The provision of high-frame rate images with resolutions better than one metre for any location on Earth.
  • The ability to film moving objects such as vehicles, vessels and aircraft in ultra-high-definition colour video.
  • Revisiting the same location multiple times per day with agile satellites that can be pointed to image specific areas of interest.
  • Rapid tasking of satellites to take images or video, and fast data download within minutes of acquisition.

Footage recorded by Vivid-iís fleet of satellites will be available for analysis within minutes of being taken and will improve decision-making and response times in a wide variety of scenarios from change detection to object identification, from disaster response to infrastructure monitoring.

The first five satellites were ordered in November 2017 from SSTL.

The satellites are planned to be launched in batches of five with the first batch to be launched in 2019.

Nation: UK
Type / Application: Technology
Operator: Earth-i
Contractors: SSTL
Configuration: SSTL-42
Propulsion: None
Power: Solar cells, batteries
Mass: ~100 kg
Satellite COSPAR Date LS Launch Vehicle Remarks
Vivid-i 1 - 202x with ?, Vivid-i 2, Vivid-i 3, Vivid-i 4, Vivid-i 5
Vivid-i 2 - 202x with ?, Vivid-i 1, Vivid-i 3, Vivid-i 4, Vivid-i 5
Vivid-i 3 - 202x with ?, Vivid-i 1, Vivid-i 2, Vivid-i 4, Vivid-i 5
Vivid-i 4 - 202x with ?, Vivid-i 1, Vivid-i 2, Vivid-i 3, Vivid-i 5
Vivid-i 5 - 202x with ?, Vivid-i 1, Vivid-i 2, Vivid-i 3, Vivid-i 4,
Further Vivid-i missions:

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