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Venera (2c) (2MV-2 #1)

The 2MV-2 probe, which would have received a Venera designation if the launch was successful, was a venus fly by probe.

Like its two predecessors of the 2MV-1 type (launched on 25 August and 1 September 1962), this Soviet Venus probe never left parking orbit around the Earth. The Blok L upper stage, designed to send the spacecraft toward Venus, fired for only 0.8 seconds before shutting down because of unstable attitude.

Later investigation indicated that the upper stage had been put into a tumble by the violent shutdown of the third stage. The tumble had mixed air bubbles within the propellant tanks, preventing a clean firing of the engine.

The spacecraft reentered Earth's atmosphere two days after launch.

Nation: USSR
Type / Application: Venus flyby
Propulsion: KDU-414 (S5.19)
Power: 2 fixed solar arrays, batteries
Satellite COSPAR Date LS Launch Vehicle Remarks
Venera (2c) (2MV-2 #1, Sputnik 21) 1962 αφ 1 12.09.1962 Ba LC-1/5 P Molniya

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