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US-PM (Upravlenniye Sputnik Passivny Modifikirovanny) (also reported as US-PU) was a solar powered improved EORSAT (Electronic Ocean Reconnaissance Satellite). It used an passive ELINT devices to track naval vessels from space by registering their electronic emmissions.

US-PM was a modified version of the US-P and replaced both the US-P and the nuclear US-A satellites.

It shared the same US bus with its precedessors, which provided maneuvering capabilities to the spacecraft.

The satellites were built by the KB Arsenal design bureau in Leningrad/St.-Petersburg, and the payloads by the Central Scientific Radiotechnical Research Institute or TsNIRTI in Moscow.

The US-PM were placed into a 420 km orbits inclined 65 degrees by the Tsiklon-2 booster. Systems aboard the 3300 kg satellite included the Radio-Technical Reconnaissance system and systems for electronic camouflage and self-protection. An engine unit maintained the orbital altitude and made a final deorbit of the satellite at the end of the mission.

It has been reported, that Kosmos 2421 failed to open one of its eight solar panel segments after launch.

US-PM will be replaced by the new Pion-NKS ELINT satellites of the Liana system.

Nation: USSR
Type / Application: Ocean surveillance, passive
Contractors: KB Arsenal, TsNIRTI
Configuration: US-Bus
Power: 2 deployable fixed solar arrays, batteries
Satellite COSPAR Date LS Launch Vehicle Remarks
Kosmos 2238 (US-PM #1) 1993-018A 30.03.1993 Ba LC-90/20 Tsiklon-2
Kosmos 2244 (US-PM #2) 1993-029A 28.04.1993 Ba LC-90/20 Tsiklon-2
Kosmos 2258 (US-PM #3) 1993-044A 07.07.1993 Ba LC-90/20 Tsiklon-2
Kosmos 2264 (US-PM #4) 1993-060A 17.09.1993 Ba LC-90/20 Tsiklon-2
Kosmos 2293 (US-PM #5) 1994-072A 02.11.1994 Ba LC-90/20 Tsiklon-2
Kosmos 2313 (US-PM #6) 1995-028A 08.06.1995 Ba LC-90/20 Tsiklon-2
Kosmos 2326 (US-PM #7) 1995-071A 20.12.1995 Ba LC-90/20 Tsiklon-2
Kosmos 2335 (US-PM #8) 1996-069A 11.12.1996 Ba LC-90/19 Tsiklon-2
Kosmos 2347 (US-PM #9) 1997-079A 09.12.1997 Ba LC-90/19 Tsiklon-2
Kosmos 2367 (US-PM #10) 1999-072A 26.12.1999 Ba LC-90/20 Tsiklon-2
Kosmos 2383 (US-PM #11) 2001-057A 21.12.2001 Ba LC-90/20 Tsiklon-2
Kosmos 2405 (US-PM #12) 2004-020A 28.05.2004 Ba LC-90/20 Tsiklon-2
Kosmos 2421 (US-PM #13) 2006-026A 25.06.2006 Ba LC-90/20 Tsiklon-2
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