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US-A (Upravlenniye Sputnik Aktivny) were active radar satellites for ocean surveillance. The high power consumtion of the active radar required a nuclear reactor as power source. The satellites were known as RORSAT in the west.

The US-AO series consisted of satellites, which tested all the system components but the nuclear reactor. They were battery powered.

Nation: USSR
Type / Application: Ocean surveillance, active radar
Equipment: Radar
Configuration: US-Bus
Power: Batteries
Satellite COSPAR Date LS Launch Vehicle Remarks
Kosmos 102 (US-AO #1) 1965-111A 27.12.1965 Ba LC-31/6 11A510 US
Kosmos 125 (US-AO #2) 1966-067A 20.07.1966 Ba LC-31/6 11A510 US
Kosmos 198 (US-AO #3) 1967-127A 27.12.1967 Ba LC-90/19 Tsiklon-2A
Kosmos 209 (US-AO #4) 1968-023A 22.03.1968 Ba LC-90/19 Tsiklon-2A
Kosmos (265) (US-AO #5) 1969-F02 25.01.1969 Ba LC-90/19 F Tsiklon-2A
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