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UoSat 12 (UO 36, UoSAT-OSCAR 36) → WavSat 2

UoSat 12 [SSTL]

Building on the experience and technology of its modular microsatellite platform, SSTL is developing a mini-satellite platform. This platform permits payloads to be carried with greater power, volume, and mass than that available on the standard microsatellite bus. It has civil and military applications in LEO communications, remote sensing (optical and SAR) and space science, and can be deployed in LEO, GEO or interplanetary orbits.

The first flight of this platform is UoSAT-12, which was launched on a Dnepr launcher early in 1999 into a circular Low Earth Orbit. Funding for this mission will be primarily via SSTL R&D investment.

UoSAT-12 payloads:

  • Multispectral Cameras
  • High resolution panchromatic camera
  • Advanced Store and Forward Communications
  • GPS Attitude determination experiment
  • Advanced Scanning Receiver Payload
  • Experimental Transponder

Wavix uses the satellite under the designation WavSat 2

Nation: UK
Type / Application: Earth observation, Radio amateur communication
Operator: SSTL
Contractors: SSTL
Configuration: Minisat-400
Power: Solar cells, batteries
Orbit: 647 km × 653 km, 64.55
Satellite COSPAR Date LS Launch Vehicle Remarks
UoSat 12 (UO 36, UoSAT-OSCAR 36) → WavSat 2 1999-021A 21.04.1999 Ba LC-109/95 Dnepr


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