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TUS was a experimental microsat to test an UV-telescope featuring an deployable Fresnel-mirror. It was baselined to be launched piggyback with Bion-M 1.

The TUS (Tracking Ultraviolet Set Up) detector will measure fluorescence light, radiated by EAS (Extensive Air Showers) of Ultra High Energy Cosmic Rays (UHECR) in the earth atmosphere.

The TUS segmented Fresnel mirror - concentrator of 6 standard modules is under construction. The size of one module is 58 cm, the mirror thickness in transportation mode is of about 15 cm. In operation mode the full area of the mirror is 1.4 m and the focal distance of the mirror is 150 cm.

The TUS experiment has been cancelled as an independent free flyer, but has instead been integrated into the MVL-300 satllite.

Nation: Russia
Type / Application: Cosmic Rays
Power: 2 deployable fixed solar arrays, aolar cells, batteries
Satellite COSPAR Date LS Launch Vehicle Remarks
TUS - Ba Soyuz-2-1a with Bion-M 1 ?

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