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Thybolt 1, 2

Thybolt 1 [Dhruva Space]

The Thybolt 1 and 2 satellites are 0.5U CubeSat technology demonstrators for Dhruva Space's modular Cubesat bus called P-DoT.

The 0.5U P-DoT Satellite Platform is envisioned to enable rapid development for experimentation by the amateur community. This mission provides a message store-and-forward capability to the users.

The mission shall demonstrate store-and-forward (S&F) operations and perform scheduled and unscheduled uplink of S&F data from amateur operators, store the data onboard and transmit the same data to distributed amateur radio compatible ground station/s in India and publish wherever required as per the Experiment Outline for Amateurs. Amateur operators can utilize this facility to evaluate their uplink equipment by sending S&F messages to the satellite and validate a successful downlink of sent messages from the website displaying all the S&F messages upon a ground station pass.

Nation: India
Type / Application: Technology, communications
Operator: Dhruva Space
Contractors: Dhruva Space
Equipment: Store-and-forward communications payload
Configuration: CubeSat (0.5U)
Power: Solar cells, batteries
Lifetime: 1 year
Mass: 0.5 kg
Satellite COSPAR Date LS Launch Vehicle Remarks
Thybolt 1 2022-158C 26.11.2022 Sr FLP PSLV-XL with Oceansat 3, Pixxel-TD 1, INS 2B, Astrocast 0301, ..., 0304, Thybolt 2
Thybolt 2 2022-158D 26.11.2022 Sr FLP PSLV-XL with Oceansat 3, Pixxel-TD 1, INS 2B, Astrocast 0301, ..., 0304, Thybolt 1


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