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THEOS 2A (THEOS 2 SmallSat)


The THEOS-2 satellites are the second generation of Thailand's GISTA earth observation system, being the successor of the first generation THEOS-1 satellite.

GISTA has signed in June 2018 a contract with Airbus. As part of the contract, a comprehensive capacity building programme will involve Thai engineers in the development of an integrated geo-information system, ground segment and two Earth observation satellites: a very high-resolution and a small satellite system. The small satellite system from Airbusí subsidiary SSTL will be assembled and tested in-country by Thai engineers to deliver technology transfer and involve local suppliers. This will be complemented by an extensive training scheme capitalizing on Airbusí comprehensive geo-intelligence expertise, and will further develop Thailandís geo-spatial industry.

The THEOS 2A low resolution satellite will be built based on a SSTL designed bus and will be assembled and tested Thailand by Thai engineers to deliver technology transfer and involve local suppliers in the framework of a technology transfer program.

Following payloads are on board:

  • The primary payload is a ~1 m resolution imager, capable of still captures and video. The imager uses a Cassegrain telescope with an auto-focus mechanism.
  • The secondary payloads are AIS and ADS-B receivers. The secondary payloads use VHF antennas for the reception of ship and aircraft signals.
  • The tertiary payloads are a series of Raspberry Pi boards, completely designed by the customer engineers, to perform still capture, video, and AOCS experimental data.
Nation: Thailand
Type / Application: Earth observation
Operator: GISTDA
Contractors: SSTL
Configuration: SSTL-42
Power: Solar cells, batteries
Satellite COSPAR Date LS Launch Vehicle Remarks
THEOS 2A (THEOS 2 SmallSat) - 2023
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