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Taijing-3 01, 02

Taijing-3 02 [Minospace]

Taijing-3 01 is an optical remote sensing satellite, mainly used for remote sensing observation missions to the ground, and can provide customers with a full range of remote sensing image services. The developer and user are both Minospace (Beijing Weina Star Technology Co., Ltd.).

It is a 0.5 m resolution optical remote sensing satellite with a total weight of nearly 240 kg. High resolution and high-quality optical remote sensing images can be used in many fields such as resource survey, urban planning and environmental protection. The satellite will be used to serve domestic enterprises, governments and other institutions. It is equipped with a large-diameter, multi-spectral optical camera with a resolution of 0.5 meters. Image transfer and signal-to-noise ratio for better image quality.

Taijing-3 01 was launched in February 2022 as a co-passenger on a CZ-8 (2) rocket.

Nation: China
Type / Application: Earth observation
Operator: Minospace (Beijing Weina Star Technology Co.)
Contractors: Minospace (Beijing Weina Star Technology Co.)
Configuration: MN200S
Power: Solar arrays, batteries
Mass: ~240 kg
Satellite COSPAR Date LS Launch Vehicle Remarks
Taijing-3 01 2022-019 27.02.2022 We LC-201 CZ-8 (2) with Jilin-1 Mofang-02A-01, Jilin-1 Gaofen-03D-10, ..., 18, Hainan-1 01, Hainan-1 02, Wenchang-1 01, 02, Chaohu 1, Qimingxing 1, Xingshidai 17, Taijing-3 01, Taijing-4 01, Xidian 1, Chuangxing Leishen, Tianqi 19
Taijing-3 02 2024-016 23.01.2024 Jq LC-43/95B Lijian-1 (Kinetica-1) with Taijing-1 03, Taijing-2 02, Taijing-2 04, Taijing-4 03

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