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Surveyor-SD 2 [NASA]

Surveyor-SD was a series of two simulated Surveyor-payloads launched during the development of the Atlas Centaur launch vehicle.

Surveyor-SD consisted of the same structure as the real Surveyor lunar landers, but with all equipment replaced by dummy weights. These simulated payloads had the same dynamic properties as the real probes.

The first one was destroyed during launch in an explosion, while the second one was successfully put into orbit.

Nation: USA
Type / Application: Instrumented dynamic simualtion payload
Operator: NASA
Propulsion: None
Mass: 995 kg
Orbit: 166 km × 815085 km, 28.5 (#2)
Satellite COSPAR Date LS Launch Vehicle Remarks
Surveyor-SD 1 1965-F04 02.03.1965 CC LC-36A F Atlas-LV3C Centaur-C
Surveyor-SD 2 1965-064A 11.08.1965 CC LC-36B Atlas-LV3C Centaur-D

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