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Spinnaker-3 (CP 15) / Firefly Capsule 1

Spinnaker-3/Firefly Capsule 1 [Purdue University]

Spinnaker-3 / Firefly Capsule 1 are some payloads attached to the maiden Firefly-Alpha rocket stage.

The Spinnaker-3 (CP 15) payload is a collaboration between the Cal Poly Cubesat Lab, Purdue University, and NASA. It will deploy an 18 m2 dragsail to provide deorbit capability for the Firefly Alpha launch vehicle upper stage. The payload is composed of an 8U dragsail device with a 1U avionics box and a 12U stilt system for raising the mechanism above other payloads situated on top of the payload ring.

The dragsail device consists of four 3 m SHEARLESS carbon fiber booms wrapped around a single hub and four transparent CP-1 sail quadrants. A single stepper motor will actuate sail deployment and two cameras mounted to the avionics box will capture images of sail deployment. A half-duplex UHF-band radio and a dipole antenna will provide uplink and downlink capability to tracking stations at Purdue University and Cal Poly San Luis Obispo for mission operations.

The Firefly Capsule 1 consists of various nontechnical items from around the world such as photos, artwork, and children’s books.

The satellite is one of the passengers on the maiden launch of the Firefly-Alpha rocket.

A second Firefly Capsule 2 was a passenger on the second Firefly-Alpha rocket, but the orbit was lower than planned.

Nation: USA
Type / Application: Technology
Operator: Cal Poly Cubesat Lab, Purdue University, NASA, Firefly Aerospace
Contractors: Cal Poly Cubesat Lab, Purdue University, NASA, Firefly Aerospace
Configuration: Equipment mounted on upper stage
Propulsion: None in orbit
Power: Solar cells, batteries
Satellite COSPAR Date LS Launch Vehicle Remarks
Spinnaker-3 (CP 15) / Firefly Capsule 1 2021-F08 03.09.2021 Va SLC-2W F Firefly-Alpha with Serenity, Hiapo, BSS 1, FossaSat 1b, FossaSat 2, GENESIS L, GENESIS N, Qubik 1, Qubik 2
Firefly Capsule 2 2022-122E 01.10.2022 Va SLC-2W p Firefly-Alpha with Serenity (2), TechEdSat 15, GENESIS G, GENESIS J, Qubik 3, Qubik 4, FossaSat 1b (2)

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