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SharedSat 1, 2, 3, 4 (Spartan) / Platform 1, 2, 3, 4

Spartan [EnduroSat]

Spartan (Shared Platform for Applied Research and Technology Affirmation) is the first of several upcoming Shared Satellite Missions, empowering EnduroSatís commercial partners and their space capabilities. It enables the easiest way to perform technology demonstrations as well as scientific and commercial programs without the need to operate your own satellite or ground infrastructure.

The satellite architecture allows for multiple payloads to operate together reliably on a single NanoSat. Each of the payloads has access to onboard processing, power and pointing capability, making multi-tasking in space possible. The Shared Satellite Service includes integration, validation and testing, launch and operations of the satellite and all the payloads, thereby opening a paradigm improvement in space accessibility and simplifying space operations. Direct access to the payload data is instantly available in the cloud via EnduroSatís own Digital Ground Station.

The satellite was launched via the ION-SCV 003 deployer on a Falcon-9 v1.2 (Block 5) in June 2021.

Nation: Bulgaria
Type / Application: Technology
Operator: EnduroSat
Contractors: EnduroSat
Configuration: CubeSat (6U)
Power: Solar cells, batteries
Satellite COSPAR Date LS Launch Vehicle Remarks
Spartan (SharedSat 1) 2021-059CP 30.06.2021 CC SLC-40 Falcon-9 v1.2 (Block 5) with Starlink v1.5 R1-1, ..., R1-3, Umbra-SAR 2001, YAM 2, YAM 3, —uSat 19, ..., 22, ICEYE X11, X12, X13, X15, TUBIN, Mandrake 2A, 2B, Capella 5, GNOMES 2, LINCS 1, 2, PACE 1, TROPICS 01, D2/AtlaCom 1, EG 3, Centauri 4, Lemur-2 140, ..., 145, SpaceBEE 88, ..., 111, SpaceBEENZ 7, ..., 10, Sherpa-FX 2, Lynk 06, Hawk 3A, 3B, 3C, Astrocast 0201, ..., 0205, Painani 2, Sherpa-LTE 1, Tenzing, Aurora, ARTHUR 1, Faraday Phoenix, KSF 1A, ..., 1D, Tiger 2, ION-SCV 003, NAPA 2, Neptuno, W-Cube, Ghalib, QMR-KWT
Platform 1 (ex SharedSat 2) 2022-057AQ 25.05.2022 CC SLC-40 Falcon-9 v1.2 (Block 5) with Umbra 03, ICEYE X17, ..., X20, X24, —uSat 28, ..., 31, GHGSat C3, C4, C5, Hawk 5A, 5B, 5C, CICERO-2 1, 2, Sherpa-AC 1, ION-SCV 006, Guardian 1, SBUDNIC, Vigoride 3, SelfieSat, FossaSat 2E7, ..., 2E13, Veery FS-1, Urdaneta-Armsat 1, Spark 2, AMS, CNCE 4, 5, Platform 1, BroncoSat 1, Foresail 1, Planetum 1, SPiN 1, Connecta T1.1, Centauri 5, Lemur-2 152, Lemur-2 153, ..., 156, VariSat 1C, PTD 3, CPOD A, B, OMD 1
Platform 2 (ex SharedSat 3) - 2022 with ?
Platform 3 (ex SharedSat 4) - 2022 with ?


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