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Slingshot 1

Slingshot 1 [The Aerospace Corporation]

Slingshot is a program, which looks to advance on-orbit experiments using modular and autonomous technologies on next-generation satellite systems. In essence, Slingshot looks to simplify the architecture with open standards and plug-and-play interfaces to streamline bus-to-payload, satellite-to-satellite, and space-to-ground communications.

A key feature of the Slingshot platform is the use of SatCat5, an open source mixed-media ethernet switch architecture that enables a variety of devices to communicate on the same network. Unlike other existing standards, such as CAN and SpaceWire, SatCat5 is able to simultaneously provide high throughput and low-power consumption using ethernet technologies and an end-to-end payload development kit.

Slingshot 1 carries following experiments:

  • VERTIGO A modular attitude control system prototype that can enable satellites to point at targets on earth.
  • BLINKER A GPS transponder for space traffic management.
  • HYPER A hydrogen peroxide thruster.
  • LASERCOMM A next-generation space/ground lasercom downlink.
Nation: USA
Type / Application: Technology
Operator: The Aerospace Corporation
Contractors: The Aerospace Corporation
Configuration: CubeSat (12U)
Power: Solar cells, batteries
Satellite COSPAR Date LS Launch Vehicle Remarks
Slingshot 1 2022-074D 02.07.2022 Mo RW12/30 LauncherOne with Recurve, Gunsmoke-L 1, NACHOS 2, MISR-B 1, CTIM-FD, GPX 2

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