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Samos-F1 [NRO]

Samos F-1 was the first experimental ELINT/SIGINT payload of the Samos (Satellite and Missile Observation System) program.

The Samos F-1 package was launched with the Samos E-1 and Samos E-2 satellites, where it was housed in front of the optics. It was to be tested with calibration signals early in the mission and then to be ejected to allow the optical payload to work. Although separated, the Samos F-1 package was not capable of operations without the Agena-A stage. The payload was purely for experiments but not for operational ELINT.

Two payloads were launched, but only the second reached orbit. A third was converted to the P-102 Group 0-D satellite.

Nation: USA
Type / Application: ELINT, SIGINT
Operator: US Air Force (USAF)
Equipment: F-1 ELINT package
Configuration: Agena-A
Power: Batteries
Orbit: 557 km × 474 km, 97.4
Satellite COSPAR Date LS Launch Vehicle Remarks
Samos-F1 1 1960-F13 11.10.1960 Va LC-1-1 F Atlas-LV3 Agena-A with Samos 1
Samos-F1 2 1961 α 2 31.01.1961 Va LC-1-1 Atlas-LV3 Agena-A with Samos 2
Samos-F1 3 - not launched Va LC-1-1 F Atlas-LV3 Agena-B converted to P-102 Group 0-D


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