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ROCSAT 2 [Astrium]

ROCSAT 2 (Republic of China Satellite 2) is the second high-resolution Earth observation satellite for the Taiwanese National Space Program Office (NSPO) whose mission is regional remote sensing – to collect data to be used for natural disaster evaluation, agricultural applications, urban planning strategy, environmental monitoring, and ocean surveillance. In addition, the satellite's payload will include an auroral observation instrument. Launch is planned for mid-2003.

Astrium is prime contractor for the space segment of the ROCSAT-2 programme, and is supplying both the platform (the first application of the company's Leostar-500-XO bus) and the on-board remote-sensing instrument RSI (the first all-silicon carbide instrument). ROCSAT-2 is Astrium's first Earth observation commercial export contract.

ROCSAT 2 has a 0.60 m diameter telescope with a 2 m resolution black-and-white imager and an 8 m resolution color imager as well as a detector to study lightning 'sprites'.

ROCSAT 2 was renamed FORMOSAT 2 in December 2004. FORMOSAT was decomissioned in August 2016 after over 12-year services. It will be replaced by FORMOSAT 5 in late 2016.

Nation: Taiwan (Republic of China)
Type / Application: Earth observation, Science
Operator: NSPO
Contractors: Astrium
Equipment: 2 m resolution black-and-white imager, 8 m resolution color imager, lightning detector
Configuration: Leostar-500-XO
Power: Deployable fixed solar array, batteries
Lifetime: 5 years (design); 12 years (achieved)
Mass: 764 kg
Orbit: 891 km × 891 km, 99.1
Satellite COSPAR Date LS Launch Vehicle Remarks
ROCSAT 2 → FORMOSAT 2 2004-018A 20.05.2004 Va 576E Taurus-3210


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