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Resurs-F1 (17F43)


The Resurs-F1 (17F43) was one of three subseries of the Soviet Resurs-F1 film-return earth observation satellite family. They were a follow-on to the Fram (Zenit-4MKT) series.

The Resurs-F1 satellites were based on the Zenit-4 reconnaisance satellites. They featured a Zenit/Vostok type 2.3 m spherical reentry capsule, which housed the cameras and film, a service module and a orbital maneuvering module. It was battery powered allowing for 14 days of operations, although up to 10 days on stand-by could be added. The differences between the 17F40, 17F41 and 17F43 versions is not clear.

The Priroda-4 imaging system consisted of a three channel multispectral system that includes two KFA-1000 cameras and three KATE-200 cameras.

The KFA-1000 (SA-20M) cameras with 1000 mm focal lenght provided stereo images of up to 5 m resolution with a 60 km swath width. It had a capacity of 1800 frames.

The KATE-200 (SA-34) camera with 1000 mm focal lenght provided for Earth survey in three spectral bands. It could collect stereoscopic imagery having an along-track overlap of 20, 60, or 80 percent. Resolution of the images, according to spectral band and survey altitude, varied from 10 to 30 m over a 180 km swath width. One of these cameras was coupled with a SA-33 stellar indexing camera for exact geolocation. The KATE-200 had a capacity of 1200 frames, each 180 mm by 180 mm.

All film frames of both systems were marked with codes to record camera parameters, including camera and frame number, film number, focal length, and timing codes.

Nation: USSR / Russia
Type / Application: Earth Observation (film return)
Contractors: TsSKB
Equipment: Priroda-4 imaging system (2 × KFA-1000, 3 × KATE-200)
Configuration: Vostok / Zenit Capsule
Propulsion: 11D82M; S5.120 (maneuver module)
Power: Batteries
Mass: 6300 kg
Orbit: SSO
Satellite COSPAR Date LS Launch Vehicle Remarks
Kosmos 1951 (Resurs-F1 17F43 28L #1) 1988-047A 31.05.1988 Pl LC-41/1 Soyuz-U
Kosmos 1957 (Resurs-F1 17F43 29L #2) 1988-057A 07.07.1988 Pl LC-16/2 Soyuz-U
Kosmos (1960) (Resurs-F1 17F43 30L #3) 1988-F04 27.07.1988 Pl LC-43/4 F Soyuz-U
Kosmos 1968 (Resurs-F1 17F43 31L #4) 1988-082A 09.09.1988 Pl LC-41/1 Soyuz-U
Resurs-F 1 (Resurs-F1 17F43 45L #5) 1989-038A 25.05.1989 Pl LC-43/3 Soyuz-U with Pion 1, Pion 2
Resurs-F 2 (Resurs-F1 17F43 46L #6) 1989-049A 27.06.1989 Pl LC-16/2 Soyuz-U
Resurs-F 3 (Resurs-F1 17F43 47L #7) 1989-055A 18.07.1989 Pl LC-16/2 Soyuz-U with Pion 3, Pion 4
Resurs-F 5 (Resurs-F1 17F43 48L #8) 1989-073A 06.09.1989 Pl LC-43/3 Soyuz-U
Resurs-F 6 (Resurs-F1 17F43 50L #9) 1990-047A 29.05.1990 Pl LC-43/4 Soyuz-U
Resurs-F 8 (Resurs-F1 17F43 49L #10) 1990-073A 16.08.1990 Pl LC-43/4 Soyuz-U
Resurs-F 9 (Resurs-F1 17F43 51L #11) 1990-082A 07.09.1990 Pl LC-16/2 Soyuz-U
Resurs-F 11 (Resurs-F1 17F43 52L #12) 1991-044A 28.06.1991 Pl LC-43/3 Soyuz-U
Resurs-F 12 (Resurs-F1 17F43 53L #13) 1991-052A 23.07.1991 Pl LC-43/3 Soyuz-U
Resurs-F 15 (Resurs-F1 17F43 55L #14) 1992-033A 23.06.1992 Pl LC-43/3 Soyuz-U
Resurs-F 16 (Resurs-F1 17F43 54L #15) 1992-056A 19.08.1992 Pl LC-16/2 Soyuz-U with Pion 5, Pion 6
Resurs 500 (Zvezda Kolumba) 1992-075A 15.11.1992 Pl LC-16/2 Soyuz-U
Resurs-F 18 (Resurs-F1 17F43 57L #16) 1993-040A 25.06.1993 Pl LC-16/2 Soyuz-U
Resurs-F 19 (Resurs-F1 17F43 56L #17) 1993-053A 24.08.1993 Pl LC-16/2 Soyuz-U

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