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PolyITAN 1 (Polytan 1)


PolyITAN-1 is a CubeSat designed and built by the National Technical University of Ukraine KPI in cooperation with the Ukrainian HAM radio community. The mission is to launch Ukrainian educational satellite build by KPI students and space exploration enthusiasts.

PolyITAN-1's mission targets are:

  • Develop, build, test, launch and operate a Ukrainian small satellite platform based on Cubesat standard.
  • Conduct mission experiments with following payloads: Sun sensor, attitude position and orientation system including system software and test on-board GLONASS/GPS navigation subsystem
  • Build ground segment infrastructure for satellite communication
  • Develop and test onboard and ground telecommunication software, implement telecommunication protocols
  • Establish cooperation between educational institute, space agency(s) and various government authorities, HAM radio community e.t.c.
Nation: Ukraine
Type / Application: Technology
Operator: National Technical University of Ukraine KPI
Contractors: National Technical University of Ukraine KPI
Configuration: CubeSat (1U)
Propulsion: None
Power: Solar cells, batteries
Mass: 1 kg
Orbit: 606 km × 626 km, 97.99
Satellite COSPAR Date LS Launch Vehicle Remarks
PolyITAN 1 2014-033AJ 19.06.2014 Do LC-370/13 Dnepr with Deimos 2, KazEOSat 2, Saudisat 4, TabletSat-Aurora, BugSat 1, AprizeSat 9, AprizeSat 10, UniSat 6, BRITE-CA 1, BRITE-CA 2, Hodoyoshi 3, Hodoyoshi 4, Perseus-M 1, Perseus-M 2, Flock-1c 1, ..., 11, POPSAT-HIP 1, QB50P1, QB50P2, PACE, TigriSat, ANTELSAT, Lemur 1, NanoSatC-Br 1, Duchifat 1, DTUSat 2, AeroCube 6A, AeroCube 6B
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