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PehuenSat 1 (PO 63, PehuenSat-OSCAR 63)

Pehuensat 1 (attached to dual-launch structure) [ISRO]

Pehuensat 1 (also known as NanoPehuenSat) is an argentinean nanosatellite, which is a collaboration between Argentine Association for Space Technology (AATE), Universidad Nacional del Comahue and AMSAT Argentina (AMSAT-LU).

Goal of this project is to build and operate a small satellite whose mission is educational, technological and scientific. This satellite will allow the participants to gain an important experience for future projects as part of the Pehuensat Program, with more complex missions.

Pehuensat 1 was fitted directly to the upper part of the dual launch structure of the PSLV-G (3) launch vehicle and was deployed with this structure.

Nation: Argentina
Type / Application: Technology
Operator: AATE, Universidad Nacional del Comahue, AMSAT-LU
Contractors: AATE, Universidad Nacional del Comahue, AMSAT-LU
Configuration: Box bolted on PSLV dual launch structure
Propulsion: None
Power: Solar cells, batteries
Mass: 6 kg (Pehuensat-1 without launch structure)
Orbit: 613 km × 651 km, 97.89
Satellite COSPAR Date LS Launch Vehicle Remarks
PehuenSat 1 (PO 53, PehuenSat-OSCAR 63) 2007-001D 10.01.2007 Sr FLP PSLV-G (3) with Cartosat 2, SRE 1, LAPAN-Tubsat

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