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Okean-OE 1, 2

Okean-OE [Yuzhnoye]

The Okean-OE series were experimental satellites for monitoring of ocean surfaces. They were follow-ons for the Okean-E satellites and prototypes for the operational Okean-O1 series.

The satellites were based on the Tselina-D bus and carried subset of instruments of the operational O1 series, i.e. one or two passive MW radiometers per satellite measuring the emission radiation of the atmosphere/ocean system.

They carried following instruments:

  • RLSBO (3.2 cm) X-band Side Looking Real Aperture Radar with a resolution of 2.1 km - 2.8 km in flight direction and 1.2 km - 0.7 km in cross track direction and a swath width of 450 km.
  • RM-0.8 Passive Microwave Scanning Radiometer for the monitoring of atmospheric water vapor, sea ice, and ocean surface temperature with an accuracy of 1-2 K. The resolution is 15 km × 20 km with a swath width of 550 km.
  • 3-channel MWR (0.8, 1.35 and 8.5 cm)
  • RTVK

The first satellite, Kosmos 1500 was launched from Plesetsk on a Tsiklon-3 booster on 28 October 1983. It operated until 12 June 1986.

The second satellite, Kosmos 1602 was also launched from Plesetsk on a Tsiklon-3 rocket on 28 October 1984. It operated until 10 November 1985.

The Okean-OE series was succeeded by the operational Okean-O1 satellites.

Nation: USSR
Type / Application: Ocean Observation
Contractors: KB Yuzhnoye
Equipment: RLSBO (3.2 cm), RM-0.8, 3-channel MWR (0.8, 1.35 and 8.5 cm), RTVK
Power: 2 deployable solar arrays, batteries
Mass: 1950 kg
Orbit: 649 km × 679 km, 82.6 (#1); 629 km × 664 km, 82.5 (#2)
Satellite COSPAR Date LS Launch Vehicle Remarks
Kosmos 1500 (Okean-OE #1) 1983-099A 28.09.1983 Pl LC-32/1 Tsiklon-3
Kosmos 1602 (Okean-OE #2) 1984-105A 28.09.1984 Pl LC-32/2 Tsiklon-3


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