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Okean-E 1, 2

Okean-E [Yuzhnoye]

The Okean-E series were experimental satellites for monitoring of ocean surfaces. They were prototypes for the operational Okean-O1 series.

The satellites were test missions without the radar. They were based on the Tselina-D bus.

They carried following instruments:

  • Nu Passive MW Radiometer, a nadir-pointing instrument developed by NPO Vega, measuring the emission radiation of the atmosphere/ocean system at wavelengths of 0.8 cm, 1.35 cm, 3.2 cm and 8.5 cm
  • Pi Non-scanning Polarimeter measuring radiation at wavelength 3.2 cm
  • IR Spectrometer 174 K
  • MSU-M, a four-band (VIS) multispectral scanner for monitoring ocean color with a resolution of 1.8 km and a swath width of 1900 km

The first satellite, Kosmos 1076 was launched from Plesetsk on a Tsiklon-3 booster on 12 February 1979. The objective of the mission was to development methods for obtaining operational information on the Pacific Ocean. It operated until 13 March 1980. The satellite reentered the atmosphere on 10 August 2001.

The second satellite, Kosmos 1151 was also launched from Plesetsk on a Tsiklon-3 rocket on 23 January 1980. It operated until 13 October 1981.

The Okean-E series was succeeded by two Okean-OE satellites, which formed the second prototype series and introduced a radar sensor.

Nation: USSR
Type / Application: Ocean Observation
Contractors: KB Yuzhnoye
Power: 2 deployable solar arrays, batteries
Mass: 1700 kg (#1); 1900 kg (#2)
Orbit: 514 km × 530 km, 82.6 (#1); 566 km × 589 km, 82.6 (#2)
Satellite COSPAR Date LS Launch Vehicle Remarks
Kosmos 1076 (Okean-E #1) 1979-011A 12.02.1979 Pl LC-32/2 Tsiklon-3
Kosmos 1151 (Okean-E #2) 1980-005A 23.01.1980 Pl LC-32/1 Tsiklon-3


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