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O3b 21, ..., 27 (O3b mPower)

O3b 2nd generation [Boeing]

The O3b mPower satellites are improved second generation satellites for the SES owned O3b Networks.

Boeing was selected in September 2017 as the contractor for seven satellites.

The 1200 kg second generation satellites are very high-throughput satellites, making it a terabit-per-second constellation. The constellation will have 30,000 fully-shapeable and steerable beams that can be shifted and switched in real time to align with customers’ quickly changing growth opportunities The satellites feature of an all-electric propulsion system. They will be built using electronics from the flight-proven 702 satellite platform customized to support the unique MEO environment.

The second generation satellites will introduce a second orbit of the same orbital height, but at an inclination of 70° for near-global coverage. The equatorial constellation will feature up to 24 satellites and the inclined orbit constellation up to 16.

Launches are to begin 2021.

Nation: UK (Channel Islands)
Type / Application: Communication
Operator: O3b Neworks Ltd.
Contractors: Boeing
Equipment: Ka-Band transponders
Configuration: BSS-502 ?
Power: 2 deployable solar arrays, batteries
Mass: 1200 kg
Orbit: 7825 km, 0°; 7825 km, 70°
Satellite COSPAR Date LS Launch Vehicle Remarks
O3b FM21 - 2021 with O3b xxx
O3b FM22 - 202x with O3b xxx
O3b FM23 - 202x with O3b xxx
O3b FM24 - 202x with O3b xxx
O3b FM25 - 202x with O3b xxx
O3b FM26 - 202x with O3b xxx
O3b FM27 - 202x with O3b xxx

Note: The assignment of individual satellites to the corresponding launches may change.

Further O3b missions: