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NIUSAT (Keralshree)


NIUSAT is a Nano satellite designed and developed by Noorul Islam Centre for Higher Education under Noorul Islam University with a Miniature Wide Field Sensor (MWiFS) for agriculture and disaster management support applications.

The 15 kg NIUSAT features a RGP camera with a ground resolution of 25 m and a frame size of 50 km × 50 km.

The imagery from the NIUSAT is used for identifying potential agricultural diseases of the crops around Kanya Kumari District and providing timely assistance to the Disaster Management Support (DMS) programme to address disasters due to flood, cyclone, drought, forest fire, landslide and earthquakes.

The NIUSAT satellite project is a Noorul Islam University program, involving students and staff of the university, making use of the state-of-the art proven technologies and modules.

Nation: India
Type / Application: Earth observation
Operator: Noorul Islam University (NIU)
Contractors: Noorul Islam University (NIU)
Equipment: Miniature Wide Field Sensor (MWiFS)
Propulsion: None
Power: 4 deployable fixed solar arrays, batteries
Mass: 15 kg
Orbit: 496 km × 517 km, 97.45
Satellite COSPAR Date LS Launch Vehicle Remarks
NIUSAT (Keralshree) 2017-036B 23.06.2017 Sr FLP PSLV-XL with Cartosat 2E, CE-SAT 1, Max Valier Sat, Venta 1, CICERO 6, Lemur-2 34, ..., 41, Blue Diamond, Green Diamond, Red Diamond, COMPASS 2, InflateSail, LituanicaSAT 2, URSA MAIOR, NUDTSat, Pegasus, UCLSat, VZLUsat 1, D-Sat, PACSCISAT, Aalto 1, ROBUSTA 1B, SUCHAI, skCUBE, IDEA


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