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NEXTSat 1 () is a multi-purpose microsatellite designed and developed at SaTReC (Satellite Technology Research Center) of KAIST (Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology).

The purpose of the NEXTSat 1 mission are:

  • To develop the next-generation small satellite series and new technologies by creating a standardized platform for small satellites based on miniaturization, modularization and standardization.
  • To conduct in-orbit verification of core space technologies that will enhance domestic space capabilities and enhance technological competitiveness for import substitution.
  • To develop space technologies and enhance independent space development capabilities through geo-environmental monitoring and astronomical observation
  • Hands-on and customized development of researchers and scientists through field experience in space technologies and science

The NEXTSat 1 payloads are:

  • Instrument for the Study of Space Storms (ISSS), developed at KAIST to detect plasma densities and particle fluxes of 10 MeV energy range near the Earth
  • NIR Imaging Spectrometer for Star formation history (NISS), developed at the Korean Astronomy and Space Science Institute (KASI), is a passively cooled near-Infra-red spectrometer with 15 cm aperture optics with a spectral coverage of 0.9–3.8 µm

The satellite was launched on Spaceflight Industry's SSO-A multi-satellite launch on a Falcon-9 v1.2 (Block 5) rocket.

Nation: South Korea
Type / Application: Technology
Operator: KAIST
Contractors: KAIST
Equipment: ISSS, NISS
Power: Deployable fixed solar array, batteries
Mass: ~100 kg
Orbit: 572 km × 588 km, 97.77°
Satellite COSPAR Date LS Launch Vehicle Remarks
NEXTSat 1 2018-099BF 03.12.2018 Va SLC-4E Falcon-9 v1.2 (Block 5) with SkySat 14, 15, Eu:CROPIS, STPSat 5, FalconSat 6, KazSTSAT, eXCITe, SeeMe, ICEYE X2, BlackSky 2, ESEO, Hawk A, B, C, Capella 1, AISTECHSAT 2, CSIM-FD, Hiber 2, ITASAT 1, Landmapper-BC 4, ORS 7A, 7B, Al-Farabi 2, Astrocast 0.1, Audacy 0, BRIO, Centauri 1, Eaglet 1, Enoch, Flock-3s 1, 2, 3, K2SAT, KazSciSat 1, MinXSS 2, Orbital Reflector, RAAF M1, SeaHawk 1, SNUSAT 2, THEA, VESTA, PW-Sat 2, SNUGLITE, VisionCube, RANGE A, B, Elysium-Star 2, ExseedSat 1, Fox 1C, Irvine 02, JY1-Sat, KNACKSAT, MOVE 2, SpaceBEE 5, 6, 7, Suomi-100, WeissSat 1, Sirion Pathfinder 2, OrbWeaver 1, 2, SPAWAR-CAL O, OR, R


  • Satellite Technology Research Center: NEXTSat-1
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