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NanoSatC-Br 1 (NCBR 1)


NanoSatC-Br 1 is the first CubeSat project of Brazil, developed at the Southern Regional Space Research Center (CRS/CCR/INPE-MCT) in collaboration with the Space Science Laboratory of the Federal University of Santa Maria (LACESM/CT - UFSM), Santa Maria, RS, Brazil. The INPE (Instituto de Pesquisas Espaciais) South Regional Center is in fact located on the campus of UFSM (Federal University of Santa Maria) and collaboration between the two institutions is of importance for mission success. The mission has three objectives in the fields of science, technology validation, and academic i.e., student involvement in all mission phases.

The objective of the NanoSatC-Br 1 mission is to provide monitoring of Earth's magnetosphere by measuring the magnetic field over Brazil and to study the magnetic phenomena of the SAA (South Atlantic Anomaly) and the EEJ (Equatorial Electrojet).

NanoSatC-Br 1 comprises of a 1U cubesat with a U/V transceiver using 1k2 to 9k6 BPSK downlink. A 1U CubeSat kit of ISIS (Innovative Solutions In Space BV, Delft, The Netherlands) was purchased while the local work has been concentrated in the development of the payload and in the students participation in activities such as mission analysis and design, integration, testing and operation, besides specific studies on the platform itself.

The payload instruments of the NANOSATC-BR 1 consists of:

  • a magnetometer to measure the intensity of the Earth Magnetic Field at the South Atlantic Magnetic Anomaly (SAMA) region and on the Brazilian sector of the Ionosphere Equatorial Electrojet, and
  • a particle precipitation chip dosimeter.
Nation: Brazil
Type / Application: Science, magnetosphere
Operator: INPE Southern Regional Space Research Center (CRS/CCR/INPE-MCT)
Contractors: INPE Southern Regional Space Research Center (CRS/CCR/INPE-MCT) (prime); ISIS (bus)
Equipment: ?
Configuration: CubeSat (1U)
Propulsion: None
Power: Solar cells, batteries
Mass: 1 kg
Orbit: 604 km × 620 km, 97.98
Satellite COSPAR Date LS Launch Vehicle Remarks
NanoSatC-Br 1 (NCBR 1) 2014-033Q 19.06.2014 Do LC-370/13 Dnepr with Deimos 2, KazEOSat 2, Saudisat 4, TabletSat-Aurora, BugSat 1, AprizeSat 9, AprizeSat 10, UniSat 6, BRITE-CA 1, BRITE-CA 2, Hodoyoshi 3, Hodoyoshi 4, Perseus-M 1, Perseus-M 2, Flock-1c 1, ..., 11, POPSAT-HIP 1, QB50P1, QB50P2, PACE, TigriSat, ANTELSAT, Lemur 1, Duchifat 1, PolyITAN 1, DTUSat 2, AeroCube 6A, AeroCube 6B


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