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Nadezhda (11F643N, 17F118)


Nadezhda (11F643N, 17F118) was a Soviet civilian satellite navigation system used by the Soviet Merchant Marine and Academy of Sciences, but also by the military, as part of the Tsikada constellation. They featured also a COSPAS search and rescue system.

The Nadezhda and Tsikada satellites were very similar to the Parus satellites and also used a NPO PM built pressurized cylindrical bus with gravity-gradient stabilization. The satellites transmitted Doppler-shifted VHF transmissions at around 150 MHz and 400 MHz of their position and orbital characteristics. They operated from a 1000 km orbit with 82.9 inclination. Satellites were placed in planes spaced 45 apart.

The development of Tsikada began in 1974 and the first satellite was launched in 1976. The system entered the operational phase in 1978.

Nine satellites were launched, all on Kosmos-3M boosters. Three received Kosmos designations, the remaning were launched as Nadezhda.

A modified Nadezhda-M was launched as the tenth Nadezhda satellite.

Nation: USSR / Russia
Type / Application: Navigation / SAR Transponder
Contractors: NPO Prikladnoi Mekhaniki (NPO PM)
Configuration: KAUR-1
Power: Solar cells, batteries
Mass: 820 kg
Orbit: typical 950 km × 1005 km, 82.9
Satellite COSPAR Date LS Launch Vehicle Remarks
Kosmos 1383 (Nadezhda #1, COSPAS 1) 1982-066A 29.06.1982 Pl LC-132/1 Kosmos-3M
Kosmos 1447 (Nadezhda #2, COSPAS 2) 1983-021A 24.03.1983 Pl LC-132/2 Kosmos-3M
Kosmos 1574 (Nadezhda #3, COSPAS 3) 1984-062A 21.06.1984 Pl LC-132/2 Kosmos-3M
Nadezhda 1 (Nadezhda #4, COSPAS 4) 1989-050A 04.07.1989 Pl LC-133/3 Kosmos-3M
Nadezhda 2 (Nadezhda #5, COSPAS 5) 1990-017A 27.02.1990 Pl LC-132/2 Kosmos-3M
Nadezhda 3 (Nadezhda #6, COSPAS 6) 1991-019A 12.03.1991 Pl LC-133/3 Kosmos-3M
Nadezhda 4 (Nadezhda #7, COSPAS 7) 1994-041A 14.07.1994 Pl LC-133/3 Kosmos-3M
Nadezhda 5 (Nadezhda #8, COSPAS 8) 1998-072A 10.12.1998 Pl LC-132/1 Kosmos-3M with Astrid 2
Nadezhda 6 (Nadezhda #9, COSPAS 9) 2000-033A 28.06.2000 Pl LC-132/1 Kosmos-3M with Tsinghua 1, SNAP 1
Further Tsikada / Nadezhda missions:

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