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MaqSat B

MaqSat B [Kayser-Threde]

MaqSat B (Maquette Satellite - Bas) is a dummy payload.

The ARIANE 502 payload consists of three components: The lower Instrumented Platform (MaqSat B), the upper Instrumented Payload (MaqSat H) and TEAMSAT (Technology education Experiment Added To MAQSat) (various experiments of European universities) which is added to MaqSat H. The platforms are developed, manufactured and tested by Kayser-Threde, Munich and correspond to about 90 % of the total payload mass.

MaqSat B, 2340 kg in mass, simulates a virtual satellite with a very stiff structure. Accelerations and contamination will be measured simultaneously during ascent. These sensors have been provided by CASA, Spain.

Nation: Europe
Type / Application: Vehicle evaluation
Operator: Arianespace
Contractors: Kayser-Threde
Propulsion: None
Mass: 2340 kg
Orbit: 531 km × 26572 km, 7.79
Satellite COSPAR Date LS Launch Vehicle Remarks
MaqSat B 1997-066B 30.10.1997 Ko ELA-3 P Ariane-5G with MaqSat H & TEAMSAT, YES


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