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Koreasat 1, 2 (Mugunghwa 1, 2) / Europe*Star B / ABS 1A

Koreasat 1 [Lockheed Martin]

Koreasat 1 and 2, also known as Mugunghwa 1 and 2, were South Korean communications satellite launched by Delta-7925 rockets from Cape Canaveral. They were based on the Lockheed AS-3000 bus and carried 15 Ku-band transponders to provide TV coverage for South Korea and other Asian countries.

During the launch of Koreasat 1 one of nine solid boosters of the Delta-7925 launch vehicle failed to separate from the rocket, which, therefore, failed to achieve a geostationary orbit. It used up some of the reserved fuel to move it to the geostationary orbit (over the Solomon Islands). This fuel loss entailed a reduced operational lifetime.

Koreasat 1 was sold to Europe*Star as Europe*Star B. In July 2009 Koreasat 2 was sold to Asia Broadcast Satellite as ABS 1A

ABS 1A was retired in 2015 and was moved into a graveyard orbit above the geostationary belt.

Nation: South Korea
Type / Application: Communication
Operator: Korea Telecom → Europe*Star (#1)
Contractors: Martin Marietta → Lockheed Martin Astro
Equipment: 12 (+4) FSS Ku-band transponders, 3 (+3) BSS Ku-band transponders
Configuration: AS-3000
Propulsion: Star-30E
Power: 2 deployable solar arrays, batteries
Mass: 1464 kg (711 dry)
Orbit: GEO
Satellite COSPAR Date LS Launch Vehicle Remarks
Koreasat 1 (Mugunghwa 1) → Europe*Star B 1995-041A 05.08.1995 CC LC-17B p Delta-7925
Koreasat 2 (Mugunghwa 2) → ABS 1A 1996-003A 14.01.1996 CC LC-17B Delta-7925
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