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KL-Beta A, B

KL-Beta [CAS]

The KL-Beta A and B satellites are test satellites for a global multimedia satellite system for the German company KLEO Connect.

The satellites are improved versions of the earlier KL-Alpha prototypes.

The purpose of the Beta phase test satellites is to assess the Ka-band mobile communication environment adaptability, the verification of a Ka-band LEO satellites to GEO satellite interference suppression technology, and the orbital evaluation of commercial-grade electronic components to achieve low-cost long-life. They were developed by the Institute of Microsatellite Innovation of the Chinese Academy of Sciences. They are equipped with laser communication payloads, Ka-band communication payloads, and Hall electric thrusters to carry out high-speed inter-satellite laser communications and multi-beam communications.

The satellites were launched in August 2021 on a CZ-6 rocket from Taiyuan.

Nation: Germany
Type / Application: Communication
Operator: KLEO Connect
Contractors: CAS
Equipment: Ka-band payload, laser communication payload
Propulsion: Hall effect thrusters
Power: solar arrays, batteries
Satellite COSPAR Date LS Launch Vehicle Remarks
KL-Beta A 2021-070A 04.08.2021 TY LC-16 CZ-6 with KL-Beta B
KL-Beta B 2021-070B 04.08.2021 TY LC-16 CZ-6 with KL-Beta A
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