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The JSSW (Ji Shu Shiyan Weixing) series of satellites, also known as CK (Chang Kong) or Project 701, was an experimental series of Chinese satellites.

These satellites were likely technological demonstration missions, but the exact purpose has not been disclosed. No signals of the satellites were received in the west, hinting to a military mission, which only transmitted while flying over China. An ELINT mission has been speculated, as well as an imaging mission, probably using television or radio transmission of scanned film images. None of the satellites performed manoeuvres in orbit.

These satellites were launched by FB-1 rockets. Only three of the six launches reached orbit. While the first two successful orbits were low orbits (184 km × 452 km, 69.0 and 187 km × 380 km, 69.0 respectively), the third satellite to reach orbit hat a much higher apogee (198 km × 2113 km, 69.1).

Nation: China
Type / Application: Technology, Reconnaissance?
Propulsion: None
Lifetime: 50 days (#1); 42 days (#2); 817 days (#3) [orbital lifetimes]
Mass: 1110 kg
Orbit: 184 km × 452 km, 69.0 (#1); 187 km × 380 km, 69.0 (#2); 198 km × 2113 km, 69.1 (#3)
Satellite COSPAR Date LS Launch Vehicle Remarks
JSSW (1a) (CK (1a)) 1973-F07 18.09.1973 Jq LC-2/138 F FB-1
JSSW (1b) (CK (1b)) 1974-F05 12.07.1974 Jq LC-2/138 F FB-1
JSSW 1 (CK 1, China 3) 1975-070A 26.07.1975 Jq LC-2/138 FB-1
JSSW 2 (CK 2, China 5) 1975-119A 16.12.1975 Jq LC-2/138 FB-1
JSSW 3 (CK 3, China 6) 1976-087A 30.08.1976 Jq LC-2/138 FB-1
JSSW (4) (CK (4)) 1976-F03 10.11.1976 Jq LC-2/138 F FB-1


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