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JAESat Master (bottom)
with JAESAT Slave (top) [ASRI]

JAESat (Joint Australian Engineering Satellite) was originally developed by a consortium of three Australian organisations. More recently, the Ukrainian Youth Aerospace Association, Suzirya, has become involved and, subject to formal agreements yet to be finalised, is likely to take a significant role in the project.

Participating institutes:

  • ASRI
  • QUT
  • Ukrainian Youth Aerospace Association, Suzirya

The rationale for undertaking the JAESAT Project is to develop Australian space engineering capability, through a collaborative "hands-on" education-based project, in order to undertake future space system projects.

Project Objectives

  • provide "hands-on" practical space technology experience and education to students, as well as participating personnel from ASRI, industry, and the general public;
  • provide a practical demonstration of Australian capability to design, analyze, manufacture, test, launch, and operate a microsatellite;
  • develop strong relationships between academia, government and industry to enable follow-on projects to further enhance Australian space technology capability, and to increase the identity and credibility of the project participants, both nationally and internationally;
  • provide a very public and newsworthy demonstration of the effectiveness of collaborative education programs, as well as focussing attention on the increasing importance and value that space technology has in the modern world;
  • prove that the selected project organisation and management processes are effective in the conduct of this class of engineering project; and
  • space-qualify a number of COTS items used in the system.
Nation: Australia
Type / Application: Technology
Configuration: AMSAT-NA Microsat
Power: Solar cells, batteries
Satellite COSPAR Date LS Launch Vehicle Remarks
JAESat Master - cancelled Ba LC-109/95 Dnepr with ?, JAESat Slave / cancelled
JAESat Slave - cancelled Ba LC-109/95 Dnepr with ?, JAESat Master / cancelled


  • JAESat project website

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