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IPM [Igor Marinin]

The IPM is a vehicle evaluation payload for the maiden Angara-A5 Briz-M launch, representing a mass model of a geostationary satellite.

The dummy payload was placed into a near geostationary orbit by the Briz-M upper stage, to which it stayed intentionally attached. After some hours, two burns of the Briz-M stage's auxiliary engines moved IPM to a graveyard orbit a few hundred km above GEO.

A second dummy payload was flown on the second Angara-A5 Briz-M.

Nation: Russia
Type / Application: Vehicle Evaluation
Configuration: Cylindrical dummy mass attached to Briz-M stage
Propulsion: None
Mass: 2042 kg (without Briz-M)
Satellite COSPAR Date LS Launch Vehicle Remarks
IPM (GVM 5A4PP №85501) 2014-085A 23.12.2014 Pl LC-35/1 Angara-A5 Briz-M
IPM 2 ? 2020-097A 14.12.2020 Pl LC-35/1 Angara-A5 Briz-M


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