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IGOSat [Université de Paris 7 - Diderot]

IGOsat (Ionospheric & Gamma-ray Observations Satellite) is a French 2U CubeSat, designed by Université de Paris 7 - Diderot to measure the ionosphere and reconstruct ionospheric electron density profile using radio occultation technique.

The nanosatellite should measure the flux and spectrum of electrons of 1-20 MeV gamma anomaly in the South Atlantic and polar cusps. It could also save the gamma flux from the Sun, visible on a low orbit. These data will be useful to better understand the Earth's ionosphere, its relationship with solar activity and space weather. The nanosatelite contains two payloads: a dual frequency GPS receiver and a gamma ray scintillator.

Nation: France
Type / Application: Science, ionosphere
Operator: Université de Paris 7 - Diderot
Contractors: Université de Paris 7 - Diderot
Configuration: CubeSat (2U)
Propulsion: None
Power: 4 deployable fixed solar arrays, solar cells, batteries
Satellite COSPAR Date LS Launch Vehicle Remarks
IGOSat - 2020 Ko ELV Vega with Athena, ION CubeSat Carrier, ESAIL, UPMSat 2, NEMO-HD, ŃuSat 6, GHGSat C1, Flock-4v 1, ..., 26, Lemur-2 y1, ..., yy, SpaceBEE 10, ..., 21, FSSCat A, B, NAPA 1, DIDO 3, PICASSO, PINO, PIXL, SIMBA, TRISAT, Casaa-Sat, TTÜ100, (multiple small sats)