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Idefix (BreizhSAT, BO 47/48, BreizhSAT-OSCAR 47/48)

Idefix [GDK]

Idefix consisted of two independent picosat sized, battery powered communication payloads mounted on the ASAP platform on a Ariane-42P H10-3 third stage. Based on a prototype built in 2001, the IDEFIX payloads largely use cellular telephone techniques, components as well as energy saving methods. The thermal approach is based on a total isolation concept.

Payload IDEFIX 1 comprises a voice recorder featuring 18 messages in French, German, English and Japanese. It also provides an 8 channels telemetry processor measuring light and battery voltages and temperatures. The 120 mW transmitter alternates messages and telemetry every 12 seconds on 145.840 MHz. Its prime goal is educative. Idefix 1 stopped transmitting after 32 days of operation.

Payload IDEFIX 2 comprises the same items but, the prime goal being instrumentation, it transmits telemetry every 20 seconds as well as a message every 110 seconds. Payload 2 telemetry transmits also mean light and temperature values, averaged over 10 and 90 minutes. Its higher power amounts to 1.2 W on 435.270 MHz. Idefix 2 stopped transmitting after 14 days of operation.

Both payloads were battery powered for a operational time of up to 40 days.

IDEFIX has already performed its primary task to demonstrate and validate the 'Satellite's Last Stage' concept, showing the feasibility to use orbiting discarded last stages as low cost carriers for experimental payloads, despite totally uncontrolled attitude and solar illumination conditions.

After successfully reaching orbit, Idefix has been renamed BreizhSat. The two payloads got different OSCAR numbers and were called BreizhSat-OSCAR 47 (BO 47) and BreizhSat-OSCAR 48 (BO 48)

Nation: France
Type / Application: Amateur communications
Operator: AMSAT France
Contractors: AMSAT France (equipment), Arianespace (stage and ASAP platform)
Equipment: Idefix-1 (OSCAR 47) & -2 (OSCAR 48) transmitter
Configuration: Ariane H10-3 stage with ASAP platform and attached communication equipment
Propulsion: none in orbit
Power: Batteries
Lifetime: 32 days
Mass: 12 kg (payload only)
Orbit: 791 km × 805 km, 98.7
Satellite COSPAR Date LS Launch Vehicle Remarks
Idefix (BreizhSAT, BO 47/48, BreizhSAT-OSCAR 47/48) 2002-021B 04.05.2002 Ko ELA-2 Ariane-42P H10-3 with SPOT 5

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