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GOMX 4A, 4B (Ulloriaq)

GOMX 4 [GOMSpace]

GOMSpace's GOMX-4A and 4B are 6U CubeSat for demonstrating key technologies to handle large satellite formations.

GOMSpace builds GOMX-4A for the Danish Ministry of Defence and GOMX-4B for ESA under separate contracts.

GOMX-4A is sponsored by DALO who by this mission will have their first satellite intended to contribute to surveilance of the Artic. The GOMX-4A demonstration is part of an analysis seeking to identify best-practice and future efforts reinforcing the Danish Defense’s surveillance of the Artic within the Kingdom. The satellite has been named Ulloriaq after the word ”star” in the Greenlandic language.

The ESA satellite GOMX-4B has the mission to demonstrate inter-satellite linking and station keeping capabilities; key enabling technologies for future nanosatellite constellations. It features four 1 mN cold gas thrusters fueled by Butane to provide a total deltaV 15 m/s.

The two CubeSats will stay linked through a new version of the software-defined radio system demonstrated on GOMX-3, while their relative positions along their shared orbit is controlled up to a maximum 4500 km. The same radio system will also be used for rapid payload data downloads to Earth. Nanospace in Sweden are contributing the highly miniaturised cold-gas thrusters for controlling the orbit, allowing future CubeSat-based constellations to be deployed quickly after launch.

Addition technology payloads include a compact hyperspectral imager called HyperScout, developed by Cosine Research in the Netherlands; a miniaturised startracker from Innovative Solutions In Space, also in the Netherlands; an inhouse ESA experiment to test components for radiation hardness; and an ADS-B antenna for aircraft tracking, developed from the GomSpace system tested on GOMX-3.

Both GOMX 4A and GOMX 4B were launched together in 2018.

In 2019, OQ Technology signed a contract with GomSpace to implement its Tiger-1 mission. The Tiger-1 mission made use of GOMX-4A and GOMX-4B and its on-board SDR payload which can be programmed in space. This mission is also a pathfinder to OQ’s upcoming satellite mission dubbed as MAChine SATellite (MACSAT) in collaboration with the European Space Agency.

Nation: Denmark
Type / Application: Technology
Operator: GOMSpace (both), Danish Ministry of Defence (#4A), ESA (#4B)
Contractors: GOMSpace
Configuration: CubeSat (6U)
Propulsion: None (#4A); 4 × 1 nN cold gas thrusters (#4B)
Power: Solar cells, batteries
Mass: +6 kg
Orbit: 486 km × 508 km,97.33° (#4A); 483 km × 506 km,97.33° (#4B)
Satellite COSPAR Date LS Launch Vehicle Remarks
GOMX 4A (Ulloriaq) 2018-015F 02.02.2018 Jq LC-43/94 CZ-2D (2) with Zhangheng 1, ŅuSat 4, ŅuSat 5, GOMX 4B, FengMaNiu 1, Shaonian Xing
GOMX 4B 2018-015E 02.02.2018 Jq LC-43/94 CZ-2D (2) with Zhangheng 1, ŅuSat 4, ŅuSat 5, GOMX 4A, FengMaNiu 1, Shaonian Xing

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