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GATV 6, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12


The GATV (Gemini Agena Target Vehicle) was designed to be launched into Earth orbit prior to a Gemini mission and used for rendezvous and docking practice.

The GATV had a docking cone at the forward end into which the nose of the Gemini spacecraft could be inserted and held with docking latches. The GATV was a 6 meter long cylinder with a diameter of 4.9 meters. The primary and secondary propulsion systems were at the back end of the target vehicle with the attitude control gas tanks and the main propellant tanks. The docking cone was connected to the front end by shock absorbing dampers. Acquisition running lights and target vehicle status display indicators were situated on the front end. A 2.1 meter long retractable L-band boom antenna extended from the side of the cylinder near the front. Tracking and command of the GATV were also aided by a rendezvous beacon, two spiral L-band antennas, two tracking antennas (C-band and S-band), two VHF telemetry antennas, and a UHF command antenna. Micrometeoroid packages and other experiments could also be mounted on the GATV.

Nation: USA
Type / Application: Docking Target
Operator: NASA
Contractors: ?
Equipment: ?
Configuration: Agena-D with docking equipment
Propulsion: Bell 8096
Power: Batteries
Mass: 3260 kg
Satellite COSPAR Date LS Launch Vehicle Remarks
GATV 6 (GATV 5002, TDA 2) 1965-F11 25.10.1965 CC LC-14 F Atlas-SLV3 Agena-D
GATV 8 (GATV 5003, TDA 3) 1966-019A 16.03.1966 CC LC-14 Atlas-SLV3 Agena-D
GATV 9 (GATV 5004, TDA 5) 1966-F07 17.05.1966 CC LC-14 F Atlas-SLV3 Agena-D
GATV 10 (GATV 5005, TDA 1A) 1966-065A 18.07.1966 CC LC-14 Atlas-SLV3 Agena-D
GATV 11 (GATV 5006, TDA 6) 1966-080A 12.09.1966 CC LC-14 Atlas-SLV3 Agena-D
GATV 12 (GATV 5001A, TDA 7A) 1966-103A 11.11.1966 CC LC-14 Atlas-SLV3 Agena-D


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