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Feng Yun 3A, 3B, 3C, 3D, 3E, 3F, 3H, 3J

Feng Yun 3A [CMA/NSMC]

FY-3 (Feng Yun 3) is the second generation of chinese polar orbiting meteorological satellites, which are the follow-on to the FY-1 series.

The three-axis stabilized satellites feature one solar panel and following instruments:

  • VIRR (Visible and Infrared Radiometer)
  • IRAS (Infrared Atmospheric Sounder)
  • MWTS (Microwave Temperature Sounder)
  • MWHS (Microwave Humidity Sounder)
  • MERSI (Medium Resolution Spectral Imager)
  • SBUS (Solar Backscattering UV Sounder)
  • TOU (Total Ozone Unit)
  • MWRI (Microwave Radiation Imager)
  • ASI (Atmospheric Sounding Interferometer)
  • ERM (Earth Radiation Measurement)
  • SEM (Space Environment Monitor)
  • SIM (Solar Irradiation Monitor)

The first two missions, Feng Yun 3A and Feng Yun 3B are considered experimental, while beginning with Feng Yun 1C the satellites are operational missions. Feng Yun 3G and 3I are different from the main Feng Yun 3 series and are dedicated to precipitation monitoring.

Nation: China
Type / Application: Meteorology
Operator: National Satellite Meteorological Centre
Contractors: SAST
Power: Deployable solar array, batteries
Lifetime: 3 years (4 years goal)
Mass: 2250 kg
Orbit: 806 km × 810 km, 98.8
Satellite COSPAR Date LS Launch Vehicle Remarks
Feng Yun 3A (FY 3A) 2008-026A 27.05.2008 TY LC-7 CZ-4C
Feng Yun 3B (FY 3B) 2010-059A 04.11.2010 TY LC-9 CZ-4C
Feng Yun 3C (FY 3C) 2013-052A 23.09.2013 TY LC-9 CZ-4C
Feng Yun 3D (FY 3D) 2017-072A 14.11.2017 TY LC-9 CZ-4C with HEAD 1
Feng Yun 3E (FY 3E) 2021-062A 04.07.2021 Jq LC-43/94 CZ-4C
Feng Yun 3F (FY 3F) 2023-111A 03.08.2023 Jq LC-43/94 CZ-4C
Feng Yun 3H (FY 3H) - 2024 TY LC-9 CZ-4C
Feng Yun 3J (FY 3J) - 2027 TY LC-9 CZ-4C

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