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Feng Yun 1A, 1B, 1C, 1D


FY-1 (Feng Yun 1) is the first generation of chinese polar orbiting meteorological satellites, consisting of four satellites. They were operated by the CMA (China Meteorological Administration).

The thee-axis stabilized satellites carried two MVISR (Multichannel Visible and IR Scanning Radiometer) as their prime instruments. The MVISR was developed and built by SITP (Shanghai Institute of Technical Physics). It consisted of following elements: optical scanner, image information processor, radiant cooler and cooler controller. For the first two experimental missions, it was a 5 channel instrument, which was doubled to 10 channels for the two operational satellites.

The operational satellites also carried the HEPD (High Energy Particle Detector) to study the space environment.

The experimental FY 1A was launched on 7 September 1988 on a CZ-4 rocket from Taiyuan. It suffered attitude control problems after 39 days of operations.

Another experimental satellite, FY 1B, was launched on 3 September 1990 again on a CZ-4 rocket together with two QQW balloon satellites. It operated until late 1992, when the attitude control system failed.

The first operational satellite, FY 1C was launched in 10 May 1999 on an improved CZ-4B rocket. It exceeded the two year design life and operated until January 2004. The defunct satellite was destroyed on 11 January 2007 by a Chinese ASAT missile, creating a large number of debris objects.

The second operational satellite called FY 1D was launched on a CZ-4B rocket on 15 May 2002. It was still operational in 2011.

This series was succeeded by the follow-on FY-3 series.

Nation: China
Type / Application: Meteorology
Operator: CMA (China Meteorological Administration)
Contractors: SAST
Equipment: 2 × MVISR (all); HEPD (#1C, 1D)
Power: 2 deployable solar arrays, batteries
Mass: 750 kg (#1A); 880 kg (#1B); 954 kg (#1C, 1D)
Orbit: 880 km × 904 km, 99.14(#1A); 884 km × 899 km, 98.93 (#1B); 849 km × 866 km, 98.79 (#1C); 851 km × 872 km, 98.80 (#1D)
Satellite COSPAR Date LS Launch Vehicle Remarks
Feng Yun 1A (FY 1A) 1988-080A 06.09.1988 TY LC-7 CZ-4
Feng Yun 1B (FY 1B) 1990-081A 03.09.1990 TY LC-7 CZ-4 with QQW 1, QQW 2
Feng Yun 1C (FY 1C) 1999-025A 10.05.1999 TY LC-7 CZ-4B with SJ 5
Feng Yun 1D (FY 1D) 2002-024B 15.05.2002 TY LC-7 CZ-4B with HY 1A

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