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FBM (Franco-Brazilian Microsatellite) is a project in the CNES Myriade microsatellite series. It is the first international cooperation in the frame of this program. The mission is mainly devoted to equatorial low orbit environmental knowledge and also to technological qualifications.

The technological and scientific experiments of the mission are:

  • CHADOCC Capillarity diphasic ammonia Loop Heat Pipe and Mechanical pumped Thermal Technological experiments,
  • DEBRIS measurement of the dust environment distribution in the low earth equatorial orbit,
  • THERME Evaluation of material degradations function of the environment conditions,
  • MAGI Technical evaluation of an interferometric gyro,
  • PLASMA DAIGNOSTICS PACKAGE - PDP This experiment is to investigate the electrodynamics and non linear processes of the equatorial ionosphere-thermosphere system, measuring the ionospheric plasma density, temperature and structure near equator,
  • CAPILLARY PUMPED LOOP - CPL This experiment consist to evaluate and qualify a small scale Capillary Pumped Loop,
  • CONFINED BOILING EXPERIMENT UNDER MICROGRAVITY - CBEMG This experiment consist to study the nucleate boiling and critical heat flux in confined space between two plates for test condition of microgravity,
  • RADIOMETER/FLUXIMETER - FLUXRAD This experiment consist to measure the net flux radiated by the Sun and by space collected by the satellite. An other objective is to evaluate and qualify the sensor in space environment

In May 2003, CNES has cancelled its participation on this mission for budgetary reasons.

Nation: France, Brazil
Type / Application: Science
Operator: CNES, INPE
Contractors: CNES
Configuration: Myriade
Power: 2 deployable fixed solar arrays, batteries
Mass: 100 kg
Orbit: 750 km × 750 km
Satellite COSPAR Date LS Launch Vehicle Remarks
FBM - cancelled Al VLS VLS-1


  • CNES website

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