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DS-U2-MP (Kosmos 135) [Yuzhnoye]

The DS-U3-S satellites were Soviet scientific satellites launched as part of the Dnepropetrovsk Sputnik program. They investigated micrometeoroids and particles of dust in space.

Data gathered by these satellites did not confirm a dust belt around Earth and allowed determining the nature of trace elements in a majority of principal meteor showers. A nuclear explosion in China was recorded.

These satellites were all launched on Kosmos-2 boosters from Kapustin Yar.

Kosmos 135 was the first of these satellites to be launched on 12 December 1966. It was launched into an orbit with a perigee of 251 km, an apogee of 604 km, an inclination of 48.4. On 12 April 1967 it decayed from orbit and reentered the atmosphere.

The second satellit was Kosmos 163, launched on 5 June 1967. It was operated in an orbit with a perigee of 251 km, an apogee of 549 km and an inclination of 48.4. On 11 October 1967 it decayed from orbit and reentered the atmosphere.

Nation: USSR
Type / Application: Astronomy, Micrometeroids
Contractors: Yuzhnoye
Configuration: DS Bus
Power: Deployable fixed solar arrays, solar cells, batteries
Mass: 280 kg
Orbit: 251 km × 604 km, 48.4 (#1); 251 km × 549 km, 48.4 (#2)
Satellite COSPAR Date LS Launch Vehicle Remarks
Kosmos 135 (DS-U2-MP #1) 1966-112A 12.12.1966 KY LC-86/1 Kosmos-2
Kosmos 163 (DS-U2-MP #2) 1967-056A 05.06.1967 KY LC-86/1 Kosmos-2


  • Yuzhnoye: Small unified spacecraft
  • КБ "Южное": Название: Ракеты и космические аппараты Конструкторского бюро "Южное"

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