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DS-2 (Kosmos 1) [Yuzhnoye]

DS-2 (Dnepropetrovsk Sputnik 2) is the second development version of the Dnepropetrovsk Sputnik series.

After two unsuccessful launches of DS-1 satellite, the simplified DS-2 spacecraft based on the equipment and structural elements of DS-1 spacecraft was created. DS-2 omitted the central cylindrical section for mission avionics.

The first DS-2 satellite was successfully orbited on 16 March 1962 by the Kosmos launch vehicle from Kapustin Yar. After reaching orbit, it received the designation Kosmos 1.

The second DS-2 satellite was lost during a launch failure on 1 December 1964 from the new LC-86/1 launch facility at Kapustin Yar.

Nation: USSR
Type / Application: Technology
Contractors: Yuzhnoye
Configuration: DS Bus
Propulsion: None
Power: Batteries
Mass: 47 kg
Orbit: 207 km × 649 km, 49.0
Satellite COSPAR Date LS Launch Vehicle Remarks
Kosmos 1 (Sputnik 11) (DS-2 #1) 1962 θ 1 16.03.1962 KY Mayak-2 Kosmos
Kosmos (51) (DS-2 #2) 1964-F13 01.12.1964 KY LC-86/1 F Kosmos


  • Yuzhnoye: Exploratory development spacecraft
  • КБ "Южное": Название: Ракеты и космические аппараты Конструкторского бюро "Южное"

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