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DIDO 1, 2

DIDO 1 [SpacePharma]

The DIDO satellites are 3U CubeSat satellites for micro-gravity rersearch designed by the Israeli / Swiss company SpacePharma.

The satellites contain the mGnify miniaturized end-to-end lab, that can be remote controlled from anywhere. The mGnify unit can perform experiments on bacterial growth, antibiotics resistance, self-assembly, enzymatic reactions, polymerization, nanoparticle synthesis, particle aggregation dynamics, emulsion stability and crystallization.

The first satellite, DIDO 1 was originally to fly on a multi satellite mission on a Falcon-9 v1.2 rocket in 2016. The current plans for this satellite are unknown.

The second mission, DIDO 2 or Chen Jiayong 1, carried experiments from a collaboration between Spacepharma Israel Ltd, CAS IPE, Spacety China Ltd, and the Institute of Mechanics. It was originally manifested on a Dnepr rocket. As the availability of Dnepr had become doubtful, it has now been moved to a bulk CubeSat launch on an Indian PSLV-XL. The launch in February 2017 was successful.

A third mission, DIDO 3, was ordered in 2018 as an improved version.

Nation: Israel, Switzerland
Type / Application: Micro-gravity research
Operator: SpacePharma
Contractors: ISIS, SpacePharma
Equipment: mGnify lab
Configuration: CubeSat (3U)
Propulsion: None
Power: Solar cells, batteries
Mass: 4 kg
Orbit: 496 km × 508 km, 97.51 (#2)
Satellite COSPAR Date LS Launch Vehicle Remarks
DIDO 1 - 202x with ?
DIDO 2 (Chen Jiayong 1) 2017-008BE 15.02.2017 Sr FLP PSLV-XL with Cartosat 2D, INS 1A, INS 1B, Flock-3p 1, ..., 88, Lemur-2 22, ..., 29, BGUSat, PEASSS, Al-Farabi 1, Nayif 1
Further DIDO missions:

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