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DFH-2 1, 2


China operated a constellation of three Dongfanghong DFH-2 (aka STTW = Shiyan Tongbu Tongxing Weixing) communications satellites in GEO for domestic needs. Designed, manufactured, and launched by indigenous means, the modest DFH-2 Dongfanghong DFH-2 (Dong Fang Hong - The East is Red) space craft were analogous to 1960's era western GEO satellites (e.g., INTELSAT 3), although slightly heavier.

After an initial CZ-3 launch failure in January, 1984, the first Chinese GEO satellites were deployed in April, 1984, and February, 1986, to 125 degrees E and 103 degrees E, respectively. Both satellites apparently continued to operate until 1990-1991, by which time they had been replaced by the operational DFH-2A series.

The DFH-2 was a spin-stabilized, drum-shaped satellite with a diameter of 2.1 m and a height of 3.1 m. The total electrical power capacity was assessed to be about 284 W.

Nation: China
Type / Application: Communication
Equipment: ?
Configuration: DFH-2 Bus
Propulsion: FG-15
Power: Solar cells, batteries
Orbit: GEO
Satellite COSPAR Date LS Launch Vehicle Remarks
DFH-2 1 (STTW T1) 1984-008A 29.01.1984 Xi LC-3 p CZ-3
DFH-2 2 (STTW T2) 1984-035A 08.04.1984 Xi LC-3 CZ-3

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