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DEMETER (Detection of Electro-Magnetic Emissions Transmitted from Earthquake Regions) is the first project in the CNES Myriade microsatellite series. The scientific purpose of the mission is to:

  • study the ionospheric disturbances related to seismic activity,
  • study the ionospheric disturbances related to human activity,
  • study the pre- and post-seismic effects in the ionosphere,
  • contribute to understand the mechanisms generating those disturbances,
  • give global information on the Earth's electromagnetic environment at the satellite altitude.

The scientific component includes the following sensors:

  • IMSC: a triaxial set of 3 magnetic sensors (Search Coil),
  • ICE: a 4 electrical sensor system,
  • IAP: a plasma analyser,
  • ISL: a Langmuir probe
  • IDP: a particle detector.
Nation: France
Type / Application: Science, Ionospheic, earth science
Operator: CNES
Contractors: CNES
Equipment: IMSC, ICE, IAP, ISL, IDP
Configuration: Myriade
Power: Deployable solar array, batteries
Mass: 130 kg
Orbit: 685 km × 712 km, 98.26
Satellite COSPAR Date LS Launch Vehicle Remarks
DEMETER 2004-025C 29.06.2004 Ba LC-109/95 Dnepr with SaudiSat 2, SaudiComsat 1, SaudiComsat 2, LatinSat C, LatinSat D, AMSAT-Echo, Unisat 3

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